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Raiffeisen Bank SHA
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Posted on: 23 Sep 2014

Arketar - Dega Kucove / Distrikti Perendimor

Overall job definition :

The teller performs cash & some non cash transactions for all front office customers. He/She processes monetary values, by checking, counting, binding and packaging them, in compliance with BoA and RBAL procedures.

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Posted on: 29 Sep 2014

3 Specialist te Ndjekjes ne Stadin Fillestar - Departamenti i Mbledhjes se Huase Retail / Divizioni i Menaxhimit te Riskut Retail

Overall job definition :

The collection specialist performs all procedures related to Collection activity of Raiffeisen Bank, which consists in monitoring on daily basis the delinquent customers, performing the steps as defined in the collection procedure.

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Posted on: 08 Oct 2014

Kryespecialist i Assets Liability Management -  Departamenti i ALCO, Studimit & Analizes

Overall job definition :

Analyze the liquidity situation and net interest income under different scenarios, prepares the FTP rates, ALCO report. Monitors the GAP position, the interest rates of liabilities and assets. Responsible for using the ALM system and for preparation of RBI and BoA stress tests.

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Posted on: 14 Oct 2014

Specialist i DWH & Integrimit te te Dhenave - Departamenti i Zhvillimit te Aplikacioneve/ Divizioni i TI & Komunikimit

Overall job definition :

Development of DWH components & interfaces, development and/or implementation of interfaces, ETL interfaces, data marts and/or data mining systems based on business reporting requirements.

Development of packages of data extraction, aggregation from multiple data sources, transformations and load on different data store environments & technologies.

Responsible for the local maintenance and support of the important software products and data interfaces - DWH, OFSA, Debt Manager, Risk Datamart, Market Risk, oCRM, AML, TIGER interfaces etc.

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