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Posted on: 14 Oct 2014

Specialist i DWH & Integrimit te te Dhenave - Departamenti i Zhvillimit te Aplikacioneve/ Divizioni i TI & Komunikimit

Overall job definition :

Development of DWH components & interfaces, development and/or implementation of interfaces, ETL interfaces, data marts and/or data mining systems based on business reporting requirements.

Development of packages of data extraction, aggregation from multiple data sources, transformations and load on different data store environments & technologies.

Responsible for the local maintenance and support of the important software products and data interfaces - DWH, OFSA, Debt Manager, Risk Datamart, Market Risk, oCRM, AML, TIGER interfaces etc.

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Posted on: 28 Oct 2014

Specialist i Zhvillimit Web - Departamenti i Zhvillimit te Aplikacioneve/ Divizioni i TI & Komunikimit

Overall job definition :

Develops Web based applications & components using standard server side technology, building rich & dynamic user interface, programming web clients, interpreting technical requirements, performing steps of application development lifecycle from modeling, coding, testing to deployment & technical documentation, maintain 2nd level support of existing software solutions, troubleshooting and bug fixing.

Responsible for the maintenance and support for critical applications Retail APS, Business APS, related web services (iMidas, WebSrvLion, WebSrvLists), Scoring Engine and related reporting applications (Retail Reporting, Lion Reporting), Mirs, TBNet, Quick ETL Service, RBAL Lista, IT Portofolio, ATM GooGis, IT Documents Repository, Credit Monitoring Tool(CMT), Summit , POS Merchant DB, CRM, Intranet and RBAL WebSite.

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Posted on: 06 Nov 2014

Specialist i Shitjeve RSF (me kohe te pjesshme) - ‘Globe’ Fier - Departmenti i Premium dhe Shitjeve Direkte

Overall job definition :

The retail sales finance officer should perform PI loan applications according to the procedures in place and follow their manager’s instructions and requirements. He/she should present and maintain high professional ethic on the job and fully respect Bank standards on the clients’ approach.

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Posted on: 10 Nov 2014

Specialist - Departamenti i Biznesit me Korporatat Vendase/  Divizioni i Biznesit SE, Korporatave te Medha & Mesme

Overall job definition :

The responsibilities of this position are acting as a reference person in the Bank for the Corporate Companies of the respective portfolio, approaching and keeping continuous contact with them, offering the full range of banking products related to these customers, including project finance deals, proposing credit facilities for this segment, being aware and up-dated on current financial situation of the borrower, follow up the process related with the financing and other banking transactions of these clients in RBAL. This position is also responsible for promoting to an efficient cross-selling and work flow for all trade-related products.

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Posted on: 21 Nov 2014

Sherbim Klientele Biznesi -  Dega Fier/ Distrikti Jug perendimor

Raiffeisen BANK, requires to employ a qualified candidate in the following position :


Business Desk Customer Service  -  Fier  Branch /  South West  District


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Posted on: 26 Nov 2014

Specialist i Biznesit Mikro -  Dega Berat / Distrikti Perendimor

Overall job definition :

The Account Manager develops and manages a profitable banking relationship with Micro clients in compliance with Raiffeisen Albania objectives and Micro segment procedures. His/her main responsibility is to develop new business and maintain a profitable portfolio. 

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Posted on: 09 Dec 2014

Specialist i Mbledhjes se Kredive me Vonese / SE & Korporate - Departamenti i Mbledhjes se Kredive me Vonese

Overall job definition :

The Late Workout unit is established within the Workout Department for the purpose of maximizing the recoveries of the SE & Corporate portfolio distressed / problematic loans.

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