Internship Program

RBAL has already created a tradition on the Internship Program for some years now. Its goal is to attract the students with the highest academic achievements and who demonstrate high level of motivation, desire and interest to work in the financial enviroment.

We are committed toward Corporate Social Responsibility and internship is a key element of it. We open our facilities to young graduates, so they can learn in practice how the banking business work, and help them to better prepare for the employment market.

Our program is based on the agreements we reach with the most prestigious Universities of the Country.

We also welcome other students from international universities, providing an internship placement during the year, according to their academic program.

Students can apply through their university internship coordinators, or individually by submitting the below documents and meeting the established criteria.

Our program consists of 2 phases:

Phase 1 - which lasts one month and is also part of University curricula, provides the students with a general information on the Bank activity. During this phase, which is called a “shadow training”, they have the opportunity to observe and learn.

At the end of the first month, students undergo a test, which qualifies the best students for the second phase.

Phase 2 - based on the test result, the top 20 - 30 students are selected, who will have the opportunity to work for a 3 - 4 month period as interns at the Branches or Head Office departments, depending on the Bank needs. Each student is assigned a mentor, who guides, supervises and shares his knowledge and expertise with them. At the end of the term, they receive an evaluation of their performance by their mentors.

At the end of phase 2, a recruitment pool of young interns is created for the vacancies that might arise.

How to apply?
What do we look for in interns?

  1. In case of application through the university, the list of students and their academic achievements is received through the internship coordinators.
  2. When applying individually students should submit the following documents at Human Resources & Training Division or via e-mail; [email protected]:
    1. Curriculum Vitae
    2. Cover letter (Why s/he wants to have his/her internship in Raiffeisen Bank)
    3. Transcript of marks
    4. Reference from a lecturer/university teacher

  • University students in third or fourth year;
  • Average of grades above 8;
  • Very good communications and interpersonal skills;
  • Very good team player;
  • Very good knowledge of English language