Raiffeisen Bank Albania & AWS


Raiffeisen Bank has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its first public cloud provider in the way to develop its banking platform, which continuously supports its ambition to create and provide digital products that are customer focused.                                                                      

AWS provides financial services institutions across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance with the secure, resilient global cloud infrastructure and services they need to differentiate themselves today and adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

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AWS Game Day

GameDay is a collaborative learning exercise that tests skills in implementing AWS solutions to solve real-world problems in a gamified, risk-free environment. This is a completely hands-on opportunity for technical professionals to explore AWS services, architecture patterns, best practices, and group cooperation.


There is no one right answer; teams pave their own path based on resources we provide them with in live AWS accounts. If you enjoy open-ended challenges without step-by-step instructions, look no further.


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Two days, jam packed! 
Our 2 Day Event will feature a variety of sessions led by industry experts, as well as networking opportunities with other professionals in the field. 




1. Learn AWS for free

2. Get expert advice

3. Foster collaborative problem-solving

4. Get monetary prizes

5. Get exposure to the potential future employees

6. Certification