Raiffeisen KEY Academy

First academy dedicated to IT students!


  • The right place for IT lovers
  • Challenging experiences comes out  of comfort zones
  • Follow your dreams and create a exciting experience in our KEY Academy   (knowledge empowers you)
  • 3 months theory and one project create by you , will make the difference on shaping your future

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Please send your applications on [email protected]

Key Academy Classes 

1. Know Raiffeisen

  • IT Division Strategy
  • AGILE Project Management & SCRUM as the agile framework
  • Customer Centricity
  • Digital Channels
  • Organizational Behavior & soft skills
  • Guest speakers from the bank
  • Organizational Behaviors, Teamwork

2. Software Development

  • Data integration, ODI
  • Enterprise DWH architecture
  • Relational Database Systems, Reporting
  •  Design patterns, Data modelling and coding best practices
  • Development life cycle
  • Social Media in  Banking
  • Source code repository

3. Architecture

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architect; Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Big Data; Cloud Computing; Security Architecture; Enterprise Architecture Roles

Security and Secure Code

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