Health & Social

During 2020 it was crucial for us not to be distracted from the long-term objectives of our bank, and pursuant to the entire RBI Group, for a Sustainable Development of the society and a Responsible Banking in accordance with the global principles for a better world.

Serving this purpose, we supported activities that brought a positive impact regarding the improvement of health conditions in some areas of the country, environmental protection, promotion of education, support for the marginalized groups, enhancement of literacy of different age groups through art, provided support for the projects and practices aimed at improving livelihood in promoting a sustainable society.

Raiffeisen Bank again this year represents one of the companies demonstrating the greatest commitment to corporate social responsibility by supporting 90 projects, 74% of which meet the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (SDGs).

Particular attention was paid to the health sector, as one of the most important and most exigent sectors, where the contribution provided was quite significant and had a measurable and immediate impact. We highlight in this regard the support provided to the Ministry of Health with a fund to purchase respiratory equipment for patients infected with Covid-19, since the first months of the pandemic spread. We provided support to the rehabilitation of the Urgent Care Centre of Lushnja Hospital, the provision with the air conditioning systems of the Paediatric Ward of Fier Regional Hospital, the reconstruction of the Paediatric Ward in Saranda Hospital. Furthermore, we provided support with medical equipment and protective materials against the pandemic spread for the Durrës Regional Hospital, the Skrapar Hospital, the Hospitals of Kukës and Korça, and the Hospital centres in Vlora and Bulqiza as well as the carrying out of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for women. The cooperation with the Albanian Red Cross constitutes one of the most relevant traditions of Raiffeisen Bank for several years now, regarding the Blood Donation Campaign for children with thalassemia. To support this cause on October 2, a part of the bank staff donated blood pursuant to all the measures in place against the Covid-19.

Other important projects worth mentioning in various areas that were supported are: supporting innovation through the nationwide technology competition "ICT Awards", promoting sports with the support of the Albanian National Olympic Committee for the preparatory phase of athletes for participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, the support provided to the National Museum where Raiffeisen Bank made possible the building of the Smart-Audio Guide application. While for the marginalized groups we highlight the unique project of the "Visium” Center for the digitization of books for the blind, the project "Secret Grandpa" which during the holidays provided gifts for poor children and the initiative "Team of yellow elves", through which 10 families in need were supported voluntarily with food and clothing by the bank staff in the cities of Elbasan, Shkodra, Kruja and Lushnje.

Raiffeisen Bank in Albania considers Corporate Social Responsibility of crucial importance and as such will strengthen the strategic orientation with the aim of becoming a pioneer of the Sustainable Development of society and our country.