Why join RBAL

Joining RBAL means joining a place where you can embrace the challenge!

With approximately 1400 employees and 89 branches, RBAL is one of the major and best employers in Albania, offering a highly competitive working environment in terms of compensation, development and motivation for our people.

Our  Reward and Recognition program is based on merits and contribution of each individual, fostering an environment where high performance factor is the key.

Learning & Development is one of the strategic aspects in creating a great workforce, whose level of expertise and professionalism contributes to a higher financial performance for the company. This is why we continue to provide training packages and courses for our staff, according to a pre-established agreement between the employee, supervisor and Human Resources.

In addition to “ What we offer to our staff ”,  it is very important for us to track and get constant feedback on  What the employees think and how they feel.

We regularly perform staff surveys on satisfaction, motivation and engagement. We are happy to find out that the level of satisfaction and engagement from our staff is quite high, mainly as a result of a combination of all these contributors. The findings of these surveys are encouraging us to continue with the same approach and help us improve.

As every relationship, the relation between the Bank and its staff is a two- way road; it is a mutual investment and reward. It is a “win- win” deal, which can not bring other results but productivity and success.

Talent Management also remains one of our priorities. In this context, RBAL is making efforts to enhance the level of motivation and retention of our staff , in order to maximize employee output and performance. We believe that a motivated and engaged workforce is our only true competitive advantage. Such a unique advantage can not be copied and without it, most corporate initiatives become difficult, if not impossible.

We promote life and work balance, through a series of initiatives such as sports events, private health insurance, safe and friendly working environment, supporting young mothers financially and through flexible working hours, retreats and parties for our staff .

Our main focus is: continuous improvement, empowerment and growth. Therefore we will continue to invest in our people, as our most valuable asset and one of the main contributors to the Bank success.