Agro Plus

We are caressed by the fruits of the earth which make our lives healthier.

Agriculture is a very important culture for all who deal with it and for us to enjoy, so all our attention is on those who care about the land and livestock.

Let's move your plans to another dimension.


We give strength to your dedication! 

100% investment plan support and specialized advice.


AGROPLUS, Loans for Agri-Businesses!


Raiffeisen Bank financially supports farmers, breeders, agro-processors, etc., who are beneficiaries of the IPARD program for the realization of the investment plan.

Agricultural Producers (Farmers / Livestock - Individuals or Businesses):

  • Agricultural activities (crop production in the field or in the greenhouse,
  • Producer of seedlings,
  • Fruit trees, viticulture, olive cultivation, walnuts etc,
  • Beekeeping, breeding of livestock, poultry, fish,
  • Activities related to agricultural mechanics,
  • Agricultural / livestock input traders,


  • Milk processing and its by-products,
  • Processing of meat, fish, etc.,
  • Processing of fruits, olives, etc.,
  • Conservation and refrigeration rooms.

I you have one of the above activities and you are a winner of the IPARD program, we fund you up to 100,000 EUR!

  • 100% financing of the Investment plan,
  • Payment of installments is adjusted according to seasonality of income,
  • Specialized support and advice from the bank staff when making the investment,
  • Guarantee on machinery, equipment being funded, or alternative collateral as appropriate.

We invite you to visit one of our branches for more information and to complete your application!