Raiffeisen Young

Join Our Youth Community!


Digital has enabled our customers to be more demanding. They want customized products and an excellent service experience. As a bank, we need to have the capacity to deliver the kind of customer relationship our clients deserve. 

Ready to take on the challenge? Our offer to you is Raiffeisen Young Student program where you can take on the opportunity to learn and practice from our Retail Banking experience.

An alternative to the traditional Internships, in this program you will learn by practice. Your experience will start from sales techniques, to product - service information, and what customer relation means to us. By understanding the client needs, you can become a personal advisor and offer a solution picking from our wide range of product portfolio.

The duration of the program is from three to six months. Classroom trainings, flexible schedule and stimulating commissions upon personal achievement are appealing for everyone. At the end of the program you will receive a training certificate issued by Raiffeisen Bank. 

This is a great opportunity also to become part of Raiffeisen Bank staff by demonstrating motivation, commitment and high sense of adaptation. 

Apply now through your university career office, or by submitting the application here.