Equal opportunity for all!


We welcome new people and provide the support they need to further their careers.

At Raiffeisen Bank, we make recruiting an enjoyable experience. From searching for jobs to exceling in interviews, each step of the recruiting process seems challenging. We are not here to judge you; we want to get to know you!

During the recruitment process, and during every step of their career, everyone benefits from equal opportunities. Interested candidates have access to the same level of information as regards to job openings, and their skills and qualifications are evaluated based on merit. We encourage a workplace free from discrimination and a culture built on the principle of inclusion.

Our Commitment:

  • Objectivity – all our recruitment decisions are based on a candidate’s competency and based on factual and objective measures.
  • Transparency – each decision made is evidenced and reported.
  • Respect – everyone who wants to join us will be treated fairly and objectively throughout the process.
  • Open minded – we welcome every candidate that believes they have something to offer.