The Corporate Banking Division was founded with the main focus to develop business relationships with large companies  operating in Albania and abroad.

The Corporate Banking Division experts provide banking services and products throughout the country and offer financing solutions tailored as per customer’s needs.

This Division is focused on developing long term relationships with:

  • Domestic Corporate
  • International Corporate *
  • Public Institutions Central and Local Government

We are ready to provide to our customers the best banking alternative in Albania by guaranteeing them reliability, efficiency, safety and customer oriented service.

*International Companies – Companies with 50%+1 foreign shareholders

Cash Management Products

Cash Management products refer to efficient liquidity management services and products of significant importance for both our national and International customers. Therefore Payment and Cash Management Services are among our core business.

Cash Management Service and Products stands for:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Product Innovation
  • E-business solutions
  • Price transparency
  • Global Services

Cash Management products include the following services:

  • Current Account
  • Deposit (Term Deposit and Business Saving Accounts)
  • Domestic & International Payment
  • Cash Collection & Transporting
  • SWIFT Messages
  • E-Banking
  • Etc…

Business Saving Account Deposits

If you are looking for the deposit that gives greater benefit, there is no better choice than a Business Saving Account Deposit at Raiffeisen Bank. With this Deposit, you can have total access to your funds without being concerning about losing the accumulated interest.

This is the best account to save money. A Raiffeisen Business Savings Account is offering you easy access to your money when you need it. You can earn more as long as you keep your money in the account. You can deposit in: LEK, EURO, USD and GBP.  Different interest rates apply for different currencies.

1. Term Deposits

Term Deposit is an agreement between the Bank and the customer, by which the customer is eligible to deposit a certain amount (principal) for a certain period towards an interest rate applied.

Maturity date: 60 Months for ALL,EUR,USD / 12 Months for GBP

Currency: ALL, EUR, USD, GBP

Minimum amount: 1,000,000 ALL ; 10,000 EUR/USD/GBP


The penalty to be applied for TD breakage before maturity date will be:
In case has not passed 50%  of deposit term:
70%  of benefited interest up to the date of TD breakage.
In case has passed 50%  of deposit term:       
50% of benefited interest up to the date of TD breakage.


The Deposit in Raiffeisen Bank is insured for the amount up to 2.500.000,00 (two million and five thousand) Lek by the Deposits Insurance Agency -, according to provisions of Law no. 53/2014, date 22.05.2014 "On the Deposits' Insurance" as amended.

2. Payments

Raiffeisen Bank processes your payment transactions, both paper-based and/or via electronic banking, reliably and cost-effectively.Our wide network of branches and an extensive network of Correspondent Banks ensure a rapid processing of your payment orders.For international money transfers, the greatest number of Corresponding Banks worldwide makes it easier and safer for your bank transfers.

The best alternative for money transfer for businesses that operate in Albania and Kosovo is provided by Raiffeisen Bank Albania, Payment with Kosovo, with very soothing and competitive conditions in the market:

  • Incoming and outgoing payments from Albania to Kosovo and the opposite
  • EUR and USD currency
  • Flat commission applied by both countries (Albania and Kosovo)

3. Bank Accounts

Choosing to open a bank account is like choosing other products.

Current Account 

An account in which transactions are booked on an ongoing, chronological basis and a running account balance is kept.

Funds (in ALL/EUR/USD/GBP and CHF) held in the current account can be accessed at any time and without restrictions by the customer.

A current account with Raiffeisen Bank allows you to access the following services:

  • Credit interest in your account
  • Debit Card Visa Electron
  • Deposit and withdrawal of cash in all  branches through out Albania
  • Collections as well as Domestic and International payments
  • Payment of Taxes, Customs and other obligations
  • Utility payments
  • Payments with cheques
  • E-banking
  • Sweep service


The Deposit in Raiffeisen Bank is insured for the amount up to 2.500.000,00 (two million and five thousand) Lek by the Deposits Insurance Agency -, according to provisions of Law no. 53/2014, date 22.05.2014 "On the Deposits' Insurance" as amended.

Escrow Account(Escrow Agreement)

An agreement between two parties( Contractors and Escrow Agent- Raiffeisen Bank), through which the Escrow Agent(Bank) accepts to manage escrow amount in the escrow account opened at the Bank,amount, which will be released with the fulfillment of the terms and conditions defined in this agreement.

4. Other

1. Swift message MT 940/941/942

Raiffeisen Bank delivers the Customer Statement Message MT940/941/942. This message is sent by S.W.I.F.T to a financial institution (concentrating institution) which has been authorized by the account owner to receive it. The Statement Files are created automatically by our Core Banking System, at the frequency desired by the Customer. MT 940 will be generated and sent both when there are transactions on the account and when there are no transactions on the account.

Customer Benefits:

For many International Companies it is a must to receive consolidated information on their accounts all over the world at an International Bank of their choice. This service aims to fulfill the needs of these companies who have subsidiaries or branches, etc in Albania and hold an account with our

2. Swift message MT 101

SWIFT Message MT101 is applicable when the Customer orders a Banking Institution, in this case our Bank, to debit its account/s with RBAL, and credit account/s of thirds local and international parties, within RBAL or in another bank. SWIFT Message MT101 is sent by another Financial Institution on behalf of their customer, to a customer of Raiffeisen Bank Albania.

Customer Benefits:

It is useful & efficient for International Companies, who have account/s with RBAL, which can not contact directly with the Bank, due to impossibility of geographic or functional access.
When the Customer would like a Centralized Ordering Party for the company’s transfers. Transfers are sent directly from the mother Company.
SWIFT Standard for International Use.


This service enables the automatic transfer of the amounts which exceed the defined limit according a certain period from one account to another one of the same customer, as per customer’s request.


Periodic Payments is a service offered to customers to perform periodic payments automatically from their Current Account, for fixed amounts. The Customer can perform different payments, such as, rent, different subscriptions, etc.