1. Overdraft Financing

Overdraft financing is credit facility allowing the drawing of funds from the current account up to the limit approved.

The extra cash in hand covering operating expenses or accommodate seasonal fluctuations to provides a smooths cash flow covering short term debts and realization of current assets.

The funds drawing use and repayment done directly in the current account making the repaid amount possible to be reused during the entire validity of the facility makes Overdraft a very flexible financing tool.

Key features

  •  Quick and easy to arrange
  • Can be allocated in several currencies (ALL / EURO / USD)
  • Interest is paid only on amount used –  calculated on a daily basis.
  • Flexibility in tenor - from one to up to 12 months.
  • Renewable financing.

2. Working Capital Financing

Working capital financing is a short term loan used for financing the customer’s current business activities. 

Working capital financing provides the possibility to up to finance 36 months business operational needs (i.e purchase of stocks /inventory, repayment of suppliers or other payments) without significantly affecting the company's liquidity.

The repayment schedule adheres to the business cycle being adjusted on fixed monthly or quarterly repayments coherent with company estimated cash flow.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to arrange
  • Can be allocated in several currencies (ALL / EURO / USD)

3. Investment Loan Financing

Investment loan provides the necessary financing to support the business development and/or expansion through investment in long term fixed assets such as acquisition of goods and / or real estate, buildings, vehicles, equipment etc. or consolidating financing standing through refinancing other long term investments and / or debts.

Key Features

  • The repayment tenor up to 180 months (including a grace period if applicable) provides the neccessary cushion and adjustment to the internal cash flow for better management of liquidity.
  • Can be allocated in several currencies (ALL / EURO / USD)