ANOC awards CEO of Raiffeisen Bank with the gratitude medal


It was organized at “Tirana International Hotel” a ceremony on the occasion of the closing of the Olympic Games “Beijing 2008”, where Albania was represented by an Olympic delegation of 11 athletes. Due to the good participation and the satisfactory results, the Albanian National Olympic Committee (ANOC), which organized this ceremony, assessed as very successful the mission “Beijing 2008” and launched the idea of the preparations for the Olympic Games “London 2012”. In additional, the President of ANOC, in his speech brought to the attention of the Sportive Federations the preparations for the Mediterranean Games 2009. In this ceremony was present the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Genc Pollo, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Ekrem Spahia and the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Oliver J. Whittle. Raiffeisen Bank was Co-Sponsor of ANOC in the Olympic Games “Beijing 2008”. For this reason, The President of ANOC awarded Mr. Whittle with a gratitude medal for the support and the assistance given for the participation of the Albanian delegation in “Beijing 2008.

The European Community has allocated 15 thousands USD for the new athletes, who are supposed to be selected for the Olympic Games “London 2012”. Mr. Whittle delivered one of the checks that were delivered to the young talented athletes, who aim to reach the standards for the “London Olympiad”. Mr. Whittle wished further success to the new athletes and promised for the continuous support of Raiffeisen Bank in the field of sport.