Incident at Raiffeisen Bank Lapraka


Raiffeisen Bank advices that Lapraka branch was robbed today by 2 disguised and armed persons. They entered the branch and threatened the teller and have taken money found in the counter.

Luckily no staff or customers were injured or harmed. The branch is actually closed and the police are in the branch. The police responded immediately to the situation and arrived within 3-4 minutes of the incident, however the robbers had already disappeared.

“Our first priority is the safety of our customers and staff and we are pleased that they acted in accordance with our security policy”, said Peter Hakkenberg, Board Member for IT and Operations at Raiffeisen Bank.

The branch of Lapraka is equipped with all protection systems, like all the other branches in the country. Raiffeisen Bank takes all the measures for these systems to be functional and operational.