International Film Festival - The CEO of Raiffeisen Bank delivers the Carrier Award


Raiffeisen Bank is delighted to announce that it was the special sponsor of the first edition of International Summer Fest Film in Durres. Always in accordance to our vision, Raiffeisen Bank decided to support this film festival that was held in the beautiful city of Durres.

51 Films from 23 states of the world applied for the first edition of International Summer Fest Film of Durres 2008 and 16 out of which were selected.

The selected films competed for 5 awards; the Grand award of the festival is “Gold Gladiator”, a symbolic sculpture designed by Professor Sadik Spahia. Each statue is unique.

Durres festival was the focus of talks among producers, screenplay, film directors, and actors, directors of photography, sound engineers, composers, art director, journalists and cinema lovers. Apart from this, the festival highlights were national cinema with its recent productions, thus making it a traditional activity of national festivals, unfolding values before the international professional jury.

To the audience pleasure, another program out this competition was the ‘Review of our cinema” all the films awarded in the 13th national editions.

The festival’s official program were accomplished in 2 halls ”Aleksander Moisiu” theatre, where the official competition was held and the second one for a broder public to be held in the 2800 year old open amphitheatre in 35mm. Love for art and beauty was the spirit crossing this event for 9 days in succession.

In its final night the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Oliver J. Whittle had the pleasure to award the producer, Mrs. Xhanfize Keko with the career prize. Mr. Whittle emphasized that was an honor for him to award this well-know artist and he said that Raiffeisen Bank will give all its support for such beautiful events that aim to approach the art with the common people. He ensures that Raiffeisen bank will be a serious partner for other similar initiatives for the coming years.