Notification to all customers! Criteria for Financing the Salaries as per Sovereign Guarantee Scheme


Dear clients,

Wishing you and your families health and courage in facing this extraordinary situation we are undergoing, we are pleased to announce that Raiffeisen Bank is fully committed to taking mitigation measures for its clients.

Raiffeisen Bank has signed with the Ministry of Finance and Economy on April 15, 2020 “The agreement for guaranteeing the financing of businesses whose activity is impacted by the situation of Covid-19” within the framework of Decision of Council of Ministers Number.277 date 06.04.2020.

Criteria for Financing the Salaries as per Sovereign Guarantee Scheme according to the Decision of Council of Ministers Number. 277 Date 06.04.2020

The companies that meet the following criteria are qualified to apply under this financing scheme:

  1. Companies that process the salaries of employees at Raiffeisen Bank where the basis for each calculation according to the Decision of Council of Ministers are the salaries processed in February 2020.
  2. Are not subject to benefit from the salary subsidy scheme according to Decision of Council of Ministers number 254, dated 27.03.2020.
  3. Companies whose activity is impacted by the Decisions of the Council of Ministers and Orders issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in the frame of the management of the situation created by COVID-19 ,where the indicator that will be taken as a basis for the evaluation of the impact on the activity of the company is the reduction of turnover  (as a basis of comparison will be used VAT Return Sheet for March 2019 with VAT Return Sheet for  March 2020).
  4. Attachment and submission of all documentation required by the bank according to the instructions in the Application Form at the following addresses:


CORPORATE Customers in the e-mail address:  [email protected]                 

Application Form-Existing Borrower Corporate    

Application Form New Borrower Corporate


SE Customers in the e-mail address:   [email protected]       

Application Form-Existing Borrower     SE

Application Form New Borrower       SE


MIKRO Customers in the e-mail address:   [email protected] 

Application Form -Mikro Customer                  


Kindly be informed that the submission of the Documentation according to this notification to the respective address does not constitute any commitment by Raiffeisen Bank for the approval of this request for financing. Your application will be considered by the Bank at the time your Application Form together with the accompanying documentation is submitted in full. The granting of this financing by the bank is subject to the fulfillment of all the conditions of the Decision No. 277 Date 06.04.2020 of the Council of Ministers, where in addition to the criteria determined according to this decision, the Bank will review the repayment ability of your company and will receive approvals as required under the terms and conditions of the internal lending policy.

The submission of the Application Form and all the accompanying documentation required by the Bank as per above instructions should be done by you within June 20, 2020.