Raiffeisen Bank - 40 million euro loan for KESH


Raiffeisen Bank signed a credit facility with KESH sh.a. this week. The loan is the equivalent in Lek of 40 million euros and will help KESH importing the electricity from abroad, financing different investment projects aiming to improve the generating capacities and having more flexible financial management. This is the largest deal so far by a single domestic bank in Albania.

“Raiffeisen Bank is pleased to have reached the deal with KESH. KESH sh.a. will use this loan facility for buying more energy for Albania and this is very important not only for the population but for businesses as well. This is an extension of our collaboration with KESH”, said Oliver J. Whittle, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank in Albania.

This credit facility is guaranteed by the Albanian government showing again the support of the government for the energy sector which is crucial for the development of the country.