Raiffeisen Bank Albania to launch the first e-commerce service for business in Albania


Raiffeisen Bank Albania announces the launch of the first E-commerce service for business in the Albanian Market.

E-commerce offers to the businesses the possibility to accept payment cards over the internet and also to the cardholders a new and easy way to buy product and services online in the domestic market.

With the E-commerce service offered by Raiffeisen Bank Albania, any internet store in the market will have the possibility to accept payments by VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic cards issued by any bank in the world.

By enrolling in the E-commerce service offered by Raiffeisen Bank Albania, the Internet-shop will automatically become member of Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode programs. Both programs ensure the highest level of payments security, 3-D Secure technology. 3-D Secure technology is the most advanced standard of payments security, a strong incentive in increasing the confidence of the safety payments among the customers and volumes of the store.

Raiffeisen Bank Albania plans to offer this service to the e-businesses in Albania encouraging the growth of card business standards and acceptance in the domestic market. This service has a great potential of development and offers visible advantages to both businesses and cardholders.

Now buying online in a domestic business in Albania is made possible from Raiffeisen Bank Albania!

Raiffeisen Bank Albania is the largest bank in the country and occupies the number one position on all major key performance indicators. Its asset base is close to 2 billion Euros. Raiffeisen Bank International purchased the Albanian Savings Bank in 2004 and over the last 7 years has completely transformed the old State Bank into a full service bank serving all sectors of the business and private individual markets. The loan portfolio has grown from zero in 2004 to outstanding of 966 million Euros by the end of 2011. The transformation is now complete and the Bank has a product range processes, systems and a branch infrastructure that compares favorably with 21st century European standards.

For more information please contact:  Card Business Department/Card Business and Electronic Banking Division, Tel: +355 4 2 381 381, info@raiffeisen.al

About Raiffeisen Bank Albania:  www.raiffeisen.al