Raiffeisen Bank and Tirana Municipality, 5 000 Lek for the newborns


Tirana Municipality agreement with Raiffeisen Bank for the distribution of 5 000 Lek for all newborns

Rama and Wright at Balliu family deliver the check to the little Dea

Tirana Municipality has signed the agreement with Raiffeisen Bank, which will perform the distribution of the fund of 5 000 Lek that the Municipality gives for all the babies born and registered during 2008.

The Mayor Edi Rama and the representative of Raiffeisen Bank, Robert Wright, visited the house of Marjeta and Gezim Balliu, who had another baby that will benefit from the initiative of Municipality.

The Board Member for Retail at Raiffeisen Bank, Robert Wright said: “This is an excellent example where Raiffeisen collaborates with the community and Tirana Municipality and goes on the same line with our strategy to help the children of all ages, not only in Tirana, but allover Albania. For each account opened by the Municipality with 5 000 Lek, which will become a deposit, we add 500 Lek as well as a symbolic gift for all the children. In this way, the Municipality is financing the future of these children and we are guarantying it”.

During the visit in the house of the newborn, the Mayor Rama said:”Tirana Municipality has decided to give an amount of 5 000 Lek for all newborns, which will be deposited to Raiffeisen Bank. Our goal is for this amount of money to be available for the baby and the parents to create a deposit. In this way with the passing of time the parents and relatives can contribute on this deposit and when the child comes to the age for school could have a financial support not only by the family, but also by the relatives, the community, etc. Of course the amount can be withdrawn even immediately, but the aim is to create a deposit called “Swan” for which Raiffeisen Bank has preferential conditions and interest rates.

We are very satisfied with Raiffeiseb Bank because we have found a common and excellent collaboration and invest together for the future of our newest citizens, being aware that for this the good people are not enough, but we need good citizens. For all those who open a deposit and do not withdraw immediately the money, it is offered a gift of 500 Lek and the little bear for the children which means symbolically that we together with Raiffeisen want this deposit to be for the future of the children.

On the other side, this will help in registering the children, in creating a relation between the families and the banking system as well as in fighting the informality and creating a new culture of managing the income.”

To benefit from the gift by Tirana Municipality:

  • The parents register the children at the respective Office of the Civil Status.
  • The offices of the Civil Status send within date 7 of each month the full list of the newborns, the date of the registration of the newborns, the parentage and the certificate of birth.
  • Tirana Municipality within 5 days after receiving the abovementioned lists makes the liquidation to the Treasury of Raiffeisen Bank.
  • The withdraw of the amount of 5 000 Lek is made by the parents at Raiffeisen Bank by presenting the certificate of birth of the baby and an identification document
  • According to the agreement signed by Tirana Municipality and Raiffeisen Bank, the parents can withdraw the amount donated by the Municipality or benefit from the gifts offered by Raiffeisen Bank.

In this case Tirana Municipality is considered that has made the payment toward the newborn and has no obligation towards the beneficiaries of this gift.

Raiffeisen Bank will donate for the newborns:

  • ”Swan” Deposit, which is offered with preferential interest rates +1% over the normal rate, adds 500 Lek aver the amount offered by the Municipality as well as a toy.,
  • For the children, whose parents want to withdraw the amount offered by the Municipality, only a toy.

In the ”Swan” deposit:

  • The parents can deposit in any moment they can.
  • Can be transfered automatically every minth from the savings of the salaries of the parents, etc.

The parents can be presented in any branch of Raiffeisen in Tirana after the date 15 of each successor month from the registration of the baby.