Raiffeisen Bank and Tirana Municipality, new initiatives for the education of the capital


Tirana Municipality in the framework of the social and educative programs, in order to provide contemporaneous environment for the children and young people of the city, expands the fields of the collaboration with one of the most important banking institutions, Raiffeisen Bank.

The Major of Tirana, Edi Rama signed in his office, the Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Oliver J. Whittle, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank for the common project “Public-private partnership – for community development”.

Mr.Whittle and the Major Rama said a few words in front of the media after the signing of Memorandum.

“I am very happy that Raiffeisen Bank collaborates with Tirana Municipality for the implementation of this project that improves the life of the students at schools as well as the life of the community in general. I support Mr. Rama in such initiatives because this is neither the first project and I believe nor the last that Raiffeisen will collaborate with Tirana Municipality. Raiffeisen Bank believes that the pupils and students are the future of the country and we will continue to support any initiative that improves their future”, said Mr. Whittle in his speech.

The Major Edi Rama said that he finds a reliable partner and always ready for such projects, like Raiffeisen Bank and the Municipality is determined and committed to continue undertaking the initiatives that improve the life of community, pupils, students in schools and children in kindergardens and nurseries. This will absolutely influence in their results and in the improvement of their community life quality.

This project will enable the establishment in the internal sport environment of the gym equipments in 5 schools of the capital, respectively in the high schools “Sinan Tafaj”, “Myslym Keta”, “Emin Duraku”, “Osman Myderizi”, “Dëshmorët e Lirisë” according to their needs as well as the games corners in 4 kindergardens, respectively in the kindergardens Nr. 45, Nr. 2, Nr.29 and Nr.58 in Tirana.

The school “Lasgush Poradeci” will be included in this project through the rehabilitation of the sport field in this school.

Tirana Municipality and Raiffeisen Bank being sensitive to all the increasing demands of the community as well as the fulfilment of the standards especially for the children, through this partnership, will deliver to the youngest citizens their desire for education through the creation of the contemporaneous environment for reading, two libraries in the schools “Siri Kodra” and “Arben Broci”.

The project will also support the creation of the sport corner within a residential area by adding a “I want to play” corner in the spaces of Tirana for the children.