Raiffeisen Bank continues to adopt new technologies in providing banking services


Raiffeisen Bank, the largest bank in the country in his history of 5 years in the Albanian banking system has introduced a lot of banking products and services, which were massively accepted by the people considering the fact that Raiffeisen Bank serves the people through its 102 on-line branches, 182 bankomats installed and 1200 point of sales (POS).

Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a offers the full range of banking products and services in the 4 key business sectors in which operates – private individuals, micro, small and corporate business. Raiffeisen Bank Albania, has invested a lot in branch upgrades and computerization as well as in developing technologies that helped in improving the banking products and services offered. It offers already electronic banking services for the SE and Corporate customers.

In order to expand the banking services for all the business segments and to offer products and services of advanced technology Raiffeisen Bank has launched on August 25 the newest service, Raiffeisen DIREKT/ Internet banking for Retail Customers which enables them to use Internet and SMS Banking features. This service allows bank customers to independently conduct financial transactions from their home or work places, at any time 24x7x365, without the need to go to a bank branch. All our customers need is a computer with Internet Access and/ or mobile phone to get started once they have registered as a Raiffeisen DIREKT customer at one of our branches/ agencies.

“Considering the recent growth and dynamics of the Albanian banking market, as well as the wide usage of technology in people’s everyday life, the launch of Internet and SMS Banking service is only the beginning of a wide range of electronic services our Bank is planning to develop. Our near future plans focus not only in the improvement and enrichment of the existing e-banking solution with new and better designed functionalities, but also in the introduction of new electronic channels such as M-Banking which goal is to provide customers with quick access to account and transaction information from anywhere by using the mobile technology”, said Mr. John Mcnaughton, Board Member for Retail in Raiffeisen Bank.

Mr. Genc Pollo, Minister of Innovation, IT and Telecommunications, attending this presentation stated: “I am here today to congratulate Raiffeisen Bank for its successful passage to Internet Banking or e-banking, a service of value to all its customers and a development that will also serve the bank.  As Raiffeisen Bank is currently the largest bank in Albania, I also hope that other banks, which have not yet introduced this service, could offer e-banking, while those that already have it, could expand it with more options in this field. And I hope that other banks will consider and apply this service. It is a significant step of the major project Digital Albania, which is not limited only  to state institution websites, but is also related to the private sectors;  and for the Digital Albania in the private sector today is a very important day.”

Raiffeisen Bank remains committed to leading the Albanian banking sector into new technologies and higher levels of services now and in the future in order to give greater access to banking for all Albanians. Internet and Mobile Banking will make access universal and increase ease and convenience of using the bank system for all financial transactions and services.

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Raiffeisen Bank Albania is the largest bank in the country and occupies the number one position on all major key performance indicators. Its asset base is close to 2 billion Euro. Raiffeisen Bank International purchased the Albanian Savings Bank in 2004 and over the last 5 years has completely transformed the old State Bank into a full service bank serving all sectors of the business and private individual markets. The loan portfolio has grown from zero in 2004 to outstanding of 677 million Euro by the end of 2009. The transformation is now complete and the Bank has a product range processes, systems and a branch infrastructure that compares favorably with 21st century European standards.

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