Raiffeisen Bank donates 100 000 Euros for the families affected by the flooding all over the country


Raiffeisen Bank in Albania has delivered today a check to the Minister of Finance for 100 000 Euros as a contribution to the families affected by the flooding all over the country.

The Minister of Finances, Mr. Ridvan Bode thanked the Board of Raiffeisen Bank for their generous action. “I express the thanks and gratitude on behalf of the Albanian government for Raiffeisen Bank staff for this precious and very generous contribution for the families affected by the flooding”.

Mr. Bode thanked also all the donators that have contributed with their material aids for the affected families.

The CEO of Raiffeisen Bank in Albania said that Raiffeisen Bank’s Board took the decision immediately after the flooding started and the situation got heavily especially in the north part.

“It gives me a great pride today to represent Raiffeisen bank in Albania while we are doing our modest part to help the people affected by this unprecedented weather conditions. We feel terribly bad when we see families outside in the cold of the winter and we believe that the government will make the best out of all the help allocated for this event. All these people that are suffering now are our employees, their families, our customers; they are the community we work with and part of which Raiffeisen Bank is proud to be”, said Christian Canacaris, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank in Albania.

He announced that Raiffeisen Bank staff is contributing on vulnerary basis in the accounts opened for this purpose by the government near Raiffeisen Bank.  Minister Bode and the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, made a public appeal to make a contribution. “As we say in such difficult times, ""Every contribution is a good contribution"" so let’s hope other businesses will join us.

The check of 100, 000 EUR is cashed in the account named  “ Kontribut Vullnetar për të Përmbyturit.”, which is opened in all the banks of the second level.

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