Raiffeisen Bank General Sponsor of the First UK Albania Investment Forum organized in London


“Albania is a place with high potentials for foreign investments and especially those British which are not too many in the country”. This was the essence of almost all the presentation made in the First UK Albania Investment Forum organized in London. The forum organized by the Albanian Embassy in the United Kingdom and the Development Markets Association (DMA) was supported by Raiffeisen Bank Albania as General Sponsor. This is the first activity of this kind in UK and had as main goal the introduction of Albania in year 2008 to the British potential investors, in order for them to invest or to see for any collaboration opportunity in Albania. In this conference participated more than 200 invitees, ministers, parliamentarians and businessmen from both countries.

“There are still a lot of people that don’t know where Albania is or what we have achieved during these years, that’s why I am happy for all the interest shown for this investments forum. I want to ensure you that Albania is prepared to work with you and in this conference we will show the finances and the banking sector, the economy and industry situation, the infrastructure and tourism”, said the Albanian Ambassador in London, Zef Mazi for the participants in the conference.

John Grogan, British parliamentarian and head of the parliamentary group for all the parties UK-Albania said during his speech that this is an important event organized in London for Albania. The start of integration in EU, the membership in NATO, the increase of communication with Albania, the political stability, the religious coexistence, the maturity that Albanian politics demonstrated in handling the Kosovo issue, the improved infrastructure and tourism, the increased attention for the Diaspora as well as the press freedom have created in Albanian a collaborative environment for all the foreign investor and those British ones.

The CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Albania, Oliver J. Whittle declared that Albania is a place with high development potentials and ready to welcome all the foreign investors. “Raiffeisen International, a serious banking group that is participant in 17 markets and quoted in the Vienna Stock Exchange has invested so much money in Albania because we believe in this country. We are there since 4 years with the widest branches network and a qualified staff and we are able to offer all the support and expertise required”, said Mr. Whittle.

The Governor of the Bank of Albania, Ardian Fullani and the Vice Minister of Finance, Florion Mima presented the fiscal and monetary policies in the country as well as the main fiscal and macroeconomic indicators that have a special importance for all the foreign investors.

“Albania is an important factor for the stability in the region. The stable macroeconomic, financial and economic situation makes Albania an attractive country for the investors. This is really a promising platform for Albania”, said in his speech the Governor of the Bank of Albania Fullani.

An important part in the conference had the infrastructure, which was introduced with all the changes and development strategies by the Minister of Transports, Sokol Olldashi, who talked for the latest initiatives undertaken by the government for the improvement of the road infrastructure and telecommunication.

The energy, industry and strategic privatizations   had a special interest for the participants that addressed specific questions to the Minister of Economy, Genc Ruli. “The privatizations and at the same time the investments in energy are in the right direction while the industry is developing and in the mining sector we have positive development”, said Minister Ruli in his speech.

The tourism sector as one of the priorities of the Albanian government was introduced in the forum by the Minister of Tourism Ylli Pango, who showed the latest initiative undertaken by the government for attracting foreign tourists and why not even those British ones that can come and discover a different Albania from the one they have listened about.

In the conference participated also the Head of the Albanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that made a presentation of the business situation in the country as well as representatives from the big corporate like Euromax, Sigal, Birra Korca, etc. which are concrete examples of the successful businesses in Albania.

The First UK Albania Investment Forum organized in London is another step forward to the improvement of the image of the country and its marketing in very important markets such as the British market.