Raiffeisen Bank helps in the evacuation of the two injured girls to Austria


Raiffeisen Bank in Albania expresses the sincere condolences for the 13 victims of the tragic bus incident occurred 2 days ago in Himara and especially for their families.

Raiffeisen Bank together with the Austrian embassy have followed the situation very carefully and offered to the health institutions to support financially any evacuation of the injured in most critical conditions for a more specialized help abroad.

Considering the situation of the health conditions for the two young ladies that right now need help, Raiffeisen Bank has decided to give its financial contribution for their transport to one of Austrian hospitals.

“I represent here today Raiffeisen Bank in Albania of course but I am a parent as well. So in these conditions is difficult to share the feelings. I fully understand the pain and the frustration of all the families who lost their children and my deepest condolences go to them. I would like also to wish a good and fast recovery to all the injured students who are in the hospital today”, said Mr. Christian Canacaris, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank in Albania.

“What Raiffeisen Bank is doing for the 2 girls in critical conditions is very small compare to all the help and health support they have received so far and they will still receive in Austria. I can only add that I would be very happy to shake hands with them when they will be back from Austria.”, added Mr. Canacaris.

This contribution is a sign of solidarity with all the people, institutions and especially with the Ministry of Health that are making the impossible to help these young ladies that are fighting for life.

The Ministry of Health and the Austrian Embassy has arranged all the necessary procedures, so that the young ladies can be transported to Austria.

Raiffeisen Bank in Albania is doing this as a humanitarian gesture and hopes that its contribution will help in the improvement of the health conditions of these young ladies until their total recovery.