Raiffeisen Bank launches an untraditional campaign on POS’ usage


Raiffeisen Bank continues to strengthen its position as leading bank in the Albanian banking market. A focus of its activities is certainly the development of the electronic payments systems in order to increase the usage of cards, especially in shops and restaurants. Raiffeisen Bank has the largest ATM’s network in the market and a wide network of POS’s terminals. These terminals are installed all over Albania with a considerably expanded number of businesses payments that accept payments through our Bank’s POS terminals including hotels, travel agents, shops, restaurants, fuel stations and hypermarkets.

Raiffeisen Bank’s POS terminals enable the payments in goods purchased with VISA and MasterCard cards, which are leading brands in the world. These transactions are performed electronically and in a quick and safe way offering to the businesses more opportunities for higher value sales and at the same time more opportunities for the card holders in using their cards as payment means, thus eliminating the risks associated with cash transactions.

In this framework Raiffeisen Bank placed a POS in the famous house of “Big Brother”.

All “Big Brother” residents have been issued with a Raiffeisen Bank Debit Card to access their weekly bonus and buy food by using the Raiffeisen Bank POS. The message that this campaign will deliver to the public is to increase the demand for cards and POS usage instead of cash transactions.

Though this novel campaign, Raiffeisen Bank shows again that it is a forward looking and modern bank offering always the best options for its customers