Raiffeisen Bank launches the newest electronic banking service-Mobile Banking


Raiffeisen Bank in Albania has launched today in a press conference its newest electronic banking service – Mobile Banking. This is the newest channel that Raiffeisen Bank is adding to the existing Raiffeisen DIREKT electronic services colane (bundle). This service allows bank customers to conduct financial transactions from anywhere, at any time 24x7, without the help of a bank employee. All our customers need is a mobile phone that supports internet connection and/ or Java application to get started once they have registered for the service at one of our branches/ agencies.

So far, our customers are used to perform financial electronical services such as managing their accounts, or doing funds transfers and bill payments via a computer and internet connection.  Now we are offering them all this benefits and commodity, but in a more easy-to-carry device, the mobile phone. 

“Today we help take the Banking industry another major step forward with the launch of a full Mobile Banking service – the latest addition to Raiffeisen Direkt electronic banking. As the leading bank in Albania, Raiffeisen Bank has an established track record of transforming the market and making it easier for Albanians to use banking services. Albania is a country that is modernizing rapidly through the efforts of the Government and support of private industry. The Albanian people embrace new technologies fast, mastering new digital ways of living their lives easily.

It is with pride that we participate in the government’s efforts and the transformation of Albania, and with excitement that we watch our efforts in banking change the way people conduct their business and personal finances”, said John McNaughton, Board Member for Retail at Raiffeisen Bank.

In the event was present also Mr. Genc Pollo, Minister of Innovation, IT and Telecommunication who greeted this initiative of Raiffeisen Bank.

Using their mobile phone Raiffeisen Bank’s customers now can obtain information about summary, details and activity of their bank accounts, obtain information about details and last transaction history of their Credit Cards, obtain information about details of their Debit Cards, obtain information about details of Loans and Term Deposits, transfer funds between their own accounts or to third parties accounts in Raiffeisen Bank, pay their Raiffeisen Bank’s credit card account, their utility bills (Mobile Operators, Albtelecom, Water Supply, etc).

Raiffeisen Bank Albania is the largest bank in the country and occupies the number one position on all major key performance indicators. Its asset base is close to 2 billion Euro. Raiffeisen Bank International purchased the Albanian Savings Bank in 2004 and over the last 6 years has completely transformed the old State Bank into a full service bank serving all sectors of the business and private individual markets. The loan portfolio has grown from zero in 2004 to outstanding of 770 million euros by the end of 2010. The transformation is now complete and the Bank has a product range processes, systems and a branch infrastructure that compares favorably with 21st century European standards.