Raiffeisen Bank, now with a Pensions Fund


Raiffeisen Bank has the pleasure to announce that it is now the owner of the American Institute of Supplementary Private Pensions of Albania, which is now re-named Raiffeisen Pensions. The Pension Company for private voluntary pensions licensed by the Inspectorate of Supplementary Private Pensions in 2005 (today Financial Supervision Authority) and it continues to be the biggest company for private pensions in Albania. According to the last reports from the Financial Supervision Authority, Raiffeisen Pensions holds the leading position in the Albanian market of private voluntary pension funds with 58.44% of contribution until the end of June 2009.

“Raiffeisen Bank is extending its range of investments in the Albanian market. I am very proud to say that after the purchase of a leasing company, which has become the leader in the Albanian market, we are now introducing a private pension fund. I strongly believe this will be another success under the respected Raiffeisen name and ownership 100%”, said Oliver Whittle, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank.

The object of the activity of Raiffeisen Pensions is to provide supplementary pensions for the individuals during their third age period. Every individual can choose to invest in this pension fund and make regular contributions. In addition, employers may also make contributions on behalf of their employees.

“There are several choices manners made by the individuals for long-term investments and the private pension fund is one of these. I would encourage all the individuals to consider that for a small regular investment now, it will grow and become considerable after 20 or 30 years. With Raiffeisen Pensions, their investment is in safe hands”, said Christian Canacaris, Board Member for Treasury and Investment Banking at Raiffeisen Bank.

The Raiffeisen Pensions offerings make it possible for individuals to invest in a safe manner for their future. The personal investment balance at the moment of pension benefit is defined basing on the amount of deposited contributions, duration of investment period and the performance of the investment fund.

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