Raiffeisen Bank official sponsor of the US-Albania Investment Forum


Berisha invites the American investors in Albania

Raiffeisen Bank was the official sponsor of the US –Albania Investment Forum organized in New York. It is the first time that this activity is organized in USA and it was shown a great interest for participation from the biggest world financial groups and companies like Google, Coca Cola, American Express, Marriot Group, etc.

In this Forum participated also the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the Albanian Foreign Minister, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto, the Albanian Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Aldo Bumci, the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani and other important representatives of the Albanian state. Raiffeisen Bank was represented by Mr. Christian Canacaris, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank.

“I am very pleased and very grateful to all of you that are here today to share the opinions for Albania’s potential for foreign direct investments. This year Albania is the only country in SEE with a clear increase of FDI. In 2005 it had a flux of 38 million USD, while last year we had 1 billion and 97 million USD in foreign direct investment. This progress is due to the efforts to make Albania the friendliest country for the investors. I am here today to invite you with a real responsibility and optimism to come and invest in Albania because you will find a friendly environment for doing business”, said Berisha during his speech.

“It is a great pleasure for me today to address you on behalf of Raiffeisen Bank Albania. This is an important event because you are such an important audience for our country. We have been doing business in Albania since 2004 but this is our first time here in New York.

We believed in Albania back in 2004, and now we have proof that we were right. Raiffeisen Bank International is a pioneer in Central and Eastern Europe, our experience has never disappointed us and today, Raiffeisen actually is a part of the country. Albania has made great progress. It is the only country in Southeastern Europe with a sustainable development, a strong currency with a relatively low interest rate and low inflation in a developing market, while the rest of Europe is facing difficulties. Raiffeisen Bank is the number one in the Albanian banking market today and it is the biggest partner of the Albanian government, especially in the infrastructure and energy sectors, both being vitally important for the growing economy. The evaluations of Albania’s economic situation by international rating agencies like Moody’s are a positive signal for all foreign investors. Raiffeisen Bank is very optimistic regarding the future economic development while FDIs are increasing rapidly.

I therefore invite all of today’s listeners to come and visit us in Albania, and you will be as surprised as we were in 2004. I guarantee you, you will discover all the possibilities to accomplish your own success story”, said during his speech in the Forum Mr. Christian Canacaris, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Albania.

The Forum was greeted also by the American congressman Elliot Engel, the President of American Development Fund, Michael Granoff, Tony Podesta, Presdient of “Podesta Group” etc.