Raiffeisen Bank, present in Big Brother 4 with Internet banking and Credit cards


Raiffeisen Bank has thought to initiate a promotional campaign differently from what we see every day. Raiffeisen Bank is present in the most famous reality show in Albania “Big Brother 4”, with its newest electronic service Raiffeisen DIREKT and Credit card.

Raiffeisen DIREKT or Internet banking enables the customers to use Internet and to independently conduct financial transactions from their home or work places, at any time 24x7x365, without the need to go to a bank branch. All our customers need is a computer with Internet Access and/ or mobile phone to get started once they have registered as a Raiffeisen DIREKT customer at one of branches/ agencies of Raiffeisen Bank.

Therefore, the inhabitants of Big Brother house will spend the week budget for all their buying making the payments through Internet Banking offered by Raiffeisen Bank, Raiffeisen DIREKT. Each of them will have its personal account, in which will be deposited the personal budget earned during the week. Within the house it is placed a computer in order for the inhabitants to check their accounts and perform other transactions. If they will need to buy anything during the week and their budget is not sufficient, then Big Brother will give them the possibility to take a loan through a credit card issued by Raiffeisen Bank related to the account of Big Brother. But, the inhabitants, like anyone else, will have to pay it in the coming weeks through the budget that will earn from the week test.

Raiffeisen Bank, the biggest bank in the country, is always committed to lead the banking system, not only in offering the full range of the banking products and services, but also an advanced technology of these services. Raiffeisen Bank in Albania has invested a lot in the improvement and computerization of the branches as well as in the development of the technologies that have helped in the improvement of the products and services offered.

Through this new campaign, Raiffeisen Bank shows once again that it is a modern bank that looks forward offering always the best options and products and services of an advanced technology for its customers.