Raiffeisen Bank presents Raiffeisen Invest, a new way of investment in Albania


Raiffeisen Bank has presented today in a press conference the investment fund called Raiffeisen Invest, which is the first and the only Management Company licensed from Financial Supervisory Authority for the Management of Investments Funds. 

In the press conference organized at Rogner Hotel participated the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Christian Canacaris, the Minister of Finances, Mr. Ridvan Bode as well as the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani.

“I am proud to announce Raiffeisen Invest, the first company in Albania for asset management licensed by the Authority of Financial Supervision as well as launching in the market of the First Investment Fund which is called Raiffeisen Prestigj. Raiffeisen Prestigj Fund will give the possibility to everybody to invest in Albanian Government Securities. The fund itself includes investments in T-Bills, Bonds and deposits. Raiffeisen Prestigj is suitable and affordable and it is a good opportunity of investment starting with a low amount of 5,000 All. It aims to achieve a satisfactory rate of return, flexibility and convenience”, said Mr. Christian Canacaris, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank.

“We strongly believe that these new financial products will contribute to distinguish Raiffeisen from its competitors. At the same time, through these offerings we aim to grow the investment return for our investors while contributing to the development of Albania”, added Mr.. Canacaris.

The Minister of Finances, Mr. Ridvan Bode and the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani greeted this initiative of Raiffeisen Bank during the press conference.

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On February 1, 2012, the first Investment fund was launched in the Albanian market. This fund is named Raiffeisen PRESTIGJ and is an open-end fund with initial amount to invest of 5,000 leke only. The fund will be offered / distributed via our branch network who will act as agent for Raiffeisen INVEST. Raiffeisen PRESTIGJ will invest in Albanian Government Securities.

On December 13, 2011 our subsidiary Raiffeisen Pensions was licensed to conduct an additional activity: Management of Collective Investment Undertakings. To better reflect this new scope of activities, it has been decided to rename our subsidiary, Raiffeisen INVEST. Raiffeisen Bank Albania still owns 100% of Raiffeisen INVEST which will continue to manage private pension funds in addition to their new investment fund activities.

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