Raiffeisen Bank sponsor of the Opera “Werther”


During April, the National Theater of Opera and Balet with the continues support of Raiffeisen Bank showed for the cultural activity in the country, set on the scene the opera premier Werther.

Opera Werther is a lyrical drama in four acts composed by Jules Massenet. This work which is considered most important in French repertoire was performed in the main roles by the tenor Sajmir Pirgu who interpreted Werther, one of the most tragic world opera based on one of the most famous character of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Also in this opera performed  the well-known mezzo-soprano Vikena Kamenica.

Jules Massenet's composed on Werther above the written libretto by Edouard Balu, Paul Millie and Henry Grémont Hartmann, based on the work of Goethe, The suffering Werther boy's. This work was premiered at the Imperial Opera in Vienna, on 16 February 1892.

The opera speaks for a hopeless love with a tragic end, but unlike all other works of this kind, where the heroine dies in the end, this time one who dies is the hero.