Raiffeisen Bank sponsor the competition with the best essays


“Moving Culture” Association together with its two supporting partners Raiffeisen Bank and European University of Tirana have organised the ceremony of awards delivery for the winners of the competition “Another opportunity” with essays prepared by the students of the high schools of Albania.

The competition invited the students of 476 private and public high schools all over Albania, to write down an essay about one of 13 following subjects:

  1. What is democracy?
  2. University education, a right or a privilege?
  3. Is the state matura the best system for the admission in university?
  4. What is the corruption, how has the corruption affected your life and how it can be fought?
  5. What is globalization: Advantages, disadvantages, the impact in Albania?
  6. What is terrorism and how can be fight?
  7. How do I want my future university?
  8. Abortion, choice or immorality?
  9. Participation in elections, a right or an obligation?
  10. What do you consider the most important ethnic conflict and how it can be solved?
  11. In a society oriented always further towards free market, is an obligation of the Government to protect the poor level of the population?
  12. In university, I will study on the profile that I am passionate or the one that gives me more job opportunities?
  13. What is the social responsibility of the corporate?

The jury composed by specialists and professors of linguistics and writing headed by Dr. Ardian Klosi, after several months of work has selected 14 winning students. The awards consisted in (3) 3-years study scholarship, (5) 1-year study scholarship and 6 laptops. Out of 193 evaluated essays, 31 of them were selected as the best ones and were published in a book that was delivered to the participants in the activity.

In the delivery ceremony have participated Mr. Robert Wright, Board Member for Retail Banking at Raiffeisen Bank and Vilma Baçe, Head of PR Department in this bank as well as Mr. Ardian Civici, Rector of the European University of Tirana and the well-known publicist Ardian Klosi. During their greeting speeches, they thanked Raiffeisen Bank as the General Sponsor of the activity, which was the first of this kind in Albania.

“It was impressive the linguistic and thinking level in these essays, which were unimaginable for Albania 2-3 decades ago. In this competition, we assessed the good wording, the exactness, the logics and above all the originality”, said Ardian Klosi.

The winning students are:

Emri Mbiemri Shkolla Fitues i çmimit
Thimi Gogo Jo publike ""Drita e Dijes"" Bursë 3-vjeçare
Qamile Alimeta ’Muhedin Sherifi’ Bursë 3-vjeçare
Erisa Çakalli e Mesme e Përgjithshme ""Hasan Tahsini"" Bursë 3-vjeçare
Elisa Baku e mesme e Përgjithshme ""Shefqet Guzi"" Bursë 1-vjeçare
Klaudia Çarçani e Mesme e Përgjithshme ""18 Tetori"", Lushnje Bursë 1-vjeçare
Donida Kembora Jo publike ""Dituria"" Bursë 1-vjeçare
Iva Toska e Mesme e Përgjithshme ""Aleksander Moisiu"" Bursë 1-vjeçare
Jonida Alliaj Jo publike Nr. 1 Vlore Bursë 1-vjeçare
Lediona Braho ""Bido Sejko"" Laptop
Ditjon Dermyshi Medreseja ""H.M. Dashi"", Tiranë Laptop
Ana Gjergji Jo publike Aulona Laptop
Adriana Lleshi e Mesme e Bashkuar ""Gojan"" Laptop
Boralda Praka ""Myrteza Kepi"" Laptop
Thoma Bebi ""Muhamer Janina"" Laptop

“It is a special pleasure for Raiffeisen Bank that has supported financially this project. We think that a well prepared new generation means a safer future for the country “, said Mr. Robert Wright. He read some of the names of the winners and delivered the presents offered by the sponsors of the activity.

“It is a special pleasure for the European University of Tirana to welcome in its premises these young students awarded for the best essays. The encouragement and the appreciation of the new generation has become now a tradition for us. Thus, today we have the honour to award them with scholarship study in our University”, said the representative of the European University of Tirana.