Raiffeisen Bank sponsor the planting of 100 decorative trees in Berat


Raiffeisen Bank has once again shown its support to the community, providing financial support for purchase of 100 decorative trees which were planted in the entrance road of the town of Berat in the Customs-Rotondo segment. This project was initiated by the Municipality of Berat in order to improve the urban environment.

In the inauguration ceremony was presented the Mayor of Berat  Mr. Fadil Nasufi, as well as the higher representatives of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Christian Canacaris Chief Executive Officer,  Mr. John Mcnaughton Board Member for Retail Banking, Mrs. Vilma Bace Head of  Marketing and PR Division, Mrs.Dhurata  Dundo, Deputy Manager for Western District. Mr. Nasufi in his speech praised the continuous support of Raiffeisen Bank for ??the projects  presented by this municipality.

To this activity were joined also the young student of  non-public school ""Irfan Ngjeqari""as supporting part of sensitizing the community for the care that should show to the environment.

Raiffeisen Bank continues its mission by offering to Albanians not only high standards and excellent banking, but also contributing to improving their living conditions. Our bank has been and remains one of the biggest contributors throughout the banking system in terms of assistance and contribution to projects which have the focus community.