Raiffeisen Bank supports for the second year the initiative of Tirana Municipality “One citizen, one tree”


“One citizen, one tree” is the initiative of Tirana Municipality, which is continuing with success the different collaborations with local and foreign partners and invites the whole community of Tirana, the non-profit organization, agencies, large and small business, private companies and associations, to plant trees in Tirana.

“One citizen, one tree”, initiated by the Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Edi Rama, is a call for action, is more than just planting a tree, is a movement where every citizen can be part, is a help in increasing the communities values and will help in their revitalization, is the way in which each of us, helps Tirana in the air cleaning, reducing of pollution and protecting our health from the respiratory diseases.

Raiffeisen Bank joined today this initiative and made possible through its contribution the planting of the trees in front of the Art Gallery in Tirana. In the ceremony organized on this occasion participated the Mayor of Tirana Mr. Edi Rama and the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Mr.Oliver J.Whittle. “This is the second time that Raiffeisen Bank joins the initiative of Tirana Municipality as we think that it is very important in for the community life”, said Oliver Whittle, in front of the media.