Raiffeisen Bank supports ‘Startup Grind Tirana’


Raiffeisen Bank Albania has supported Startup Grind Tirana in the activity organized on October 12. For this event Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman, a professor at the Israel Institution of Technology – Technion was invited.  Prof. Veljko Milutinovic, from University of Belgrade, and Prof. Petraq Papajorgji, University of New York Tirana joined Prof. Shechtman in the panel.

Prof. Shechtman teaches a Technological Entrepreneurship class at the Technions since 1986; inspiring through his classes 10,000 students; urging them to develop their creative ideas for launching startups.

According to Prof. Shechtman, if a country wants to save economic development, it should encourage and teach its citizens to open a company. If a government does not encourage entrepreneurship, then in order for it to generate income, efforts should be based on its natural resources. But these natural resources are limited. This partly explains why Israel, not having natural resources, has become the country with most startup per person in the world.

The event was followed with interest by Mrs.Milena Harito Minister for Inovation and Public Administration, Mr.Enkelejd Zotaj, Head of IT Division in Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Dritan Mezini from AITA, as well as successful entrepreneurs as.Lindita Shomo, Genci Likoskëndaj, Renis Tershana etc.