Raiffeisen Bank supports ‘The Game of the students of Finance in the New York Stock exchange 2008’


Raiffeisen Bank was the General Sponsor of the activity organized by the Faculty of Economy ‘The students of Finance in the New York Stock Exchange 2008’. For more than a month the students of the fourth year of Finance branch has played with virtual funds in the New York Stock Exchange, which is one of the biggest and most important Stock Exchange in the world.

The students separated in groups participated in this Stock Exchange by buying and selling shares of different companies with virtual funds. This is the third year that the Faculty of Economy organized this activity, giving this way the possibility to the students to know the international practices and to play the role of the real dealers.

It is also the third consecutive year that Raiffeisen Bank sponsors this initiative of the students, who have found a very reliable partner such as our Bank in performing their activities. Raiffeisen was the promoter of this activity and other ones by creating all the conditions for these students to be in the same line with the other students that study abroad.

In this activity were present Mr. Christian Canacaris, Board Member for Treasury and Investment and Ms. Vilma Baçe, Head of PR at Raiffeisen Bank. Mr. Canacaris has a short speech, where emphasized the importance of education of the new generation and encouraged the students to focus always in their knowledge. He also congratulated the students for this initiative and promised that Raiffeisen will be present in this activity even next year and may be also a group from the Treasury Department of Raiffeisen Bank will compete with them.

The organizer of this activity, the Professor of the Faculty of economy, Prof. Dr. Sherif Bundo has thanked cordially the representatives of Raiffeisen Bank, especially Mr. Canacaris for his special interest that has demonstrated in order to integrate the students in the real world of Stock Exchange.