Raiffeisen Invest supports the Municipality of Tirana in the Project of Planting 100 Million Trees


Raiffeisen Invest has supported the initiative of Tirana Municipality for afforestation of Tirana, and planting 100,000 trees in Tirana until March 21, World Forest Day.

On this occasion, the tree planting ceremony was organized with representatives of Raiffeisen Invest and Raiffeisen Bank and the Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Erjon Veliaj. This part of the project was successfully completed, and the contribution of Raiffeisen Invest was more than 1,300 trees.

"The biggest change is not in what change the city but in what we have planted in the mentality of our city. A city that does not see things separated, but everybody understands that before being a businessman or before being a banker, he has the duty to be a citizen. This is our full time job, being a citizen. " Mr. Veliaj said in his speech.

"Raiffeisen could not miss being part of this project, and contribute to planting trees and adding green spaces to the city, we have contributed to many projects, as besides our position as one of the biggest Banks in the country, we are known as a bank of the community" said Viola Smaja, Head of PR and Marketing Communication Department.