Raiffeisen Leasing Albania celebrate its 5th anniversary


Raiffeisen Leasing in Albania celebrated its 5th anniversary on Wednesday 29 June together with customers, friends, representatives from the Board and Raiffeisen Bank in Albania.

“In 5 years only the company has gone in a fast made through all challenges which may arise to a leasing company and mastered them. Even during economic recession and stagnation, RLAL never closed its doors to its customers and continued to do new business with them, understanding that true partnerships are valid in good and bad times”, said Dieter Scheidl, Chairman of RLAL Supervisory Board.

The objective is to keep the top position and to acquire more market share by doing leasing not only in the actual sectors but also in other sectors of the economy like: food and bottling industry, green leasing for the renovate energy (like wind parks), paper processing, medical etc.

Raiffeisen Leasing in Albania is to present today that the financing of leasing equipments, especially in the Construction and Transport sector, they have contributed in the positive development of the public and civil infrastructure of the country. There are a lot of clients who has modernized their vehicle and machinery park with the most art to state machineries like: Heavy trucks, Concrete mixers and pumps, excavators, drilling rigs and many other assets.

RLAL has started the activity 5 years ago as the second leasing company in the local financial market where most of the customers didn’t know almost anything about it. Since the beginning RLAL started with a wide range of leasing products like: Leasing for Passenger Cars, Truck &Trailers, Construction Machinery including a wide range of assets on the wheels, Equipment & Machinery Leasing etc.

Because of the aggressive and dedicated work of the sales people, especially in the second year of the activity, RLAL become the leading company in the local leasing market and from that time for more than 3 years RLAL still keep the top position with an outstanding of more than Euro 30Mio by the end of 2010 and 48% of the market share. The lease of the different assets in the construction and transport sector is the most competitive advantage.