Raiffeisen Leasing celebrates 2 years in the market



Raiffeisen Leasing has met the biggest clients and the other invitees in the ceremony organized on the occasion of it 2nd anniversary. In the ceremony participated also Dieter Scheidl and Michael Hackl, Managing Directors from Raiffeisen Leasing International, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Albania Oliver Whittle, etc. CEO of Raiffeisen Leasing, Gent Sejko has greeted the invitees and made a short description of the activities of the company he manages.

”For the year 2008, Raiffesien Leasing Sh.a. has ambitious objectives. In this framework we have established very good relations with our business partners, with all national and international associations authorised for selling the light and heavy machineries” said Mr. Sejko. Our objective will be achieved mainly thanks to the financings for auto vehicles, light motoric comercial vehicles like trucks and vans as well as for heavy machineries for construction and other industries, objects of financial leasing.

The plans of Raiffeisen Leasing aim also a wider territorial expansion of leasing business in other cities of the country making use of the network and the capacities of Raiffeisen Bank.

Referring to the rapid growth of the acivity and the concrete results, we can already say that leasing is not anymore only a concept in the Albanian market, but an attractive realty, which completes very well the range of products offered by Raiffeisen International Group in Albania.

“Our strategy and main goal is to be the company leader in the leasing market in Albania. In this context, it is actually obviuos that Raiffeisen Leasing will have the primary role in the market in 2008. This has been achieved through the maximization of our intervention in the market as common group Raiffeisen Bank and Raiffeisen Leasing by coordinating and managing very well the sales and relations with out clients“, said Sejko.

In the strategy and real activity of leasing are included financing for products starting from auto vehicles, motoric and commercial vehicles, trucks and heavy machineries for the construction industry as well as different production lines. All this financing objects are applicable for SME and corporate business segments. While, the private individuals are dominant mainly in personal autovehivles.

Raiffeisen Leasing has strong advantages, which are strong incentives for a growing business. It is enough to mention the good name of Raiffeisen International, the support of the Group and Raiffeisen Bank Albania in financial sources, training and technical expertise in order to understand the potential that has Raiffeisen Leasing Sh.a.

”An any case, leasing remains relatively a new business in the Albanian financial market and still has a lot to improve in the business aspect and product improvement as well as in the aspect of the fiscal facilities” said Sejko.

Raiffeisen Leasing Sh.a is created as company by Raiffeisen International Austria and Raiffeisen Bank Albania. Raiffesien Leasing Sh.a. exercises its activity in almost 2-year period. During 2008, the leasing activity had a considerable growth reaching a value of 20 million EUR in total assets by the end of June 2008. We can mention that the total value of the financing with leasing during these 2 years reached at 25 million EUR, where are included financings for products starting from auto vehicles up to heavy machineries and new technological lines.