RBAL – 100 Branches


It is inaugurated today the 100th branch of Raiffeisen Bank Albania. In the inauguration ceremony organized on this occasion participated the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Ardian Fullani, The Minister of Finance Ridvan Bode, the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Eduard Shalsi, the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Albania, Mr. Oliver J. Whittle as well as customers and staff of the bank.

The 100th branch is in a suburban area of the capital Tirana, known as Porcelan. There are no other banks in the immediate area and the bank provides the full range of banking services for all customer segments.

“It gives me a great pleasure and comfort to know that 1,400 employees of Raiffeisen Bank are today through this 100 branches network all over Albania serving our more than half a million customers. Raiffeisen Bank in Albania has invested more than €1m in the opening of new branches and relocating or expanding our existing ones. In these last 3 years we have opened 20 new branches, relocated 6 and expanded 10. All 100 Raiffeisen Bank branches have the same standards, and we have invested to improve the branch environment and to make them more customer friendly”, said Mr. Oliver J. Whittle, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank during his speech.

“Raiffeisen Bank has challenging plans for next year too. We will continue to expand our branch network to ensure we are near our customers. At the same time we will continue to invest in staff training and further increasing our standards of customer service in our branches”, added Mr. Whittle.

Mr. Bode and Mr. Fullani had a short speech for this occasion too.

“It gives me a great pleasure to be here today as Raiffeisen Bank opens the 100th branch and shows again that the Albanian banking system is growing and it is not affected by the global financial crises. I would encourage the banks to continue crediting the economy as this is the only way to support the development of the Albanian economy”, said Mr. Bode for the occasion.

Mr. Fullani appreciated the standards and the transparency of Raiffeisen Bank where all the requirements if the Bank of Albania were applied. “I am happy to say that the Albanian banking system is fully immune by the financial crises and the Bank of Albania supervision helped to establish a stable and strong banking system in the country. My message today for all the customers is to trust their savings to the banks as they are safe and secure and they will continue to support the Albanian economy”, said Mr. Fullani.

As today is a special day for Raiffeisen Bank, and as a part of the ongoing social awareness projects, Mr. Oliver J. Whittle announced that Raiffeisen Bank will continue to support efforts to make more green areas in the cities.

“This approach applies the same for all the citizens of Tirana, and together with the Deputy Mayor of Tirana we will plant a tree outside the 100th branch as one of 100 trees that Raiffeisen Bank will donate for the capital city”, said Mr. Whittle while together with Mr. Shalsi planted a tree outside Porcelani branch.

“We are happy for this beneficial collaboration with Raiffeisen Bank. Now Tirana city will have 100 trees more because of Raiffeisen’s donation. This initiative between Raiffeisen Bank and the Municipality of Tirana for planting 100 trees will bring more green areas in the city, in its streets and the citizens will have more fresh air while the Municipality of Tirana is looking forward to continue increasing the green areas in the future”, said Mr. Shalsi.

The 100th branch in Porcelan was a key milestone in the development of the Bank and a clear indication of the positive development of the banking sector in Albania over the last few years.

As the largest bank in the country, Raiffeisen Bank has played a key role in this development and will continue to do so for many years to come.



Raiffeisen Bank in Albania is part of Raiffeisen International. Raiffeisen Bank Albania is the largest bank in the country and occupies the number one position on all major key performance indicators. Its asset base is close to 2 billion euros and it has a network of 100 branches throughout the country. 200ATM-s, 700 POS terminals and a team of mobile bankers gives the Bank a comprehensive distribution network.