The President Bamir Topi approved the “Medal of Gratidute” for Dr. Herbet Stepic handed over to him by the General Secretary of the President


It was a special day for Raiffeisen Bank today while the President of the country has granted the Chairman of Raiffeisen International the Medal of Gratitude through his General Secretary.

In this ceremony in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were present high representatives from the Government, business associations and diplomatic courpe in Albania. Deputy Prime Minister, Genc Pollo, the Austrian Ambassador in Albania Klaus Derkowitsch, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ferid Hoxha and the General Secretary of the President, Mr. Aleksander Flloko were together with Dr. Herbert Stepic for this award.

Dr. Stepic in his short speech said “I am touched from this medal”. The celebration of the 5th anniversary of Raiffeisen Bank in Shqiperi was an important event for us. The phases of development of Albania show the success of the policies undertaken by the Government, which have influenced in the economic growth of the country. Our access in the Albanian banking system brought big changes as we have offered automatic salary accounts, we brought innovation in offering electronic services like bankomats and other services. Our presence here has attracted other Austrian investors in the insurance and energetic market. I believe that thank to the reforms undertaken after NATO membership, Albania will soon become a member of European Union too.

It is a privilege for me to receive such a prestigous medal from the President Topi. But, I would like to enmphasize that a man alone can’t achieve such a big success. This medal awarded to me represents the continuous work done by all my collaborators in Vienna starting from Mr. Peter Lennkh, Mr. Heinz Hoedl and all the other staff. Thank you to everyone for your support and hard work in the fulfilment and achievement of the excellent results, once again thank you to all of you.

The Deputy Prime Minister had a short speech and he said: Initially, I would like to thank Dr. Stepic for his work during these years and as a friend of Albania. The accession of Raiffeisen Bank in Albania has modernized the Albanian banking market. After its arrival in our country, it is increased the competition, which is the base for a bigger development of the banking market, the products and services offered to the customers are improved. The presence of a well-known banking group such as Raiffeisen has attracted the other Austrian investors in Albania, which also have invested in Albania.