A successful year for Raiffeisen-Leasing Sh.a Albania in 2007


Raiffeisen Leasing Sh.a. is a company established in April 2006 with shareholders Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a. holding 75% of its shares and Raiffeisen Leasing International GmbH having the remaining 25% of the shares. During 2007, Raiffeisen Leasing faced a considerable growth.

Raiffeisen Leasing is the leader company in the leasing market. In the strategy, but as well in the real activity of Raiffeisen Leasing Sh.a, are included lease financing for products, starting from personal cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and heavy machinery and equipment for construction industry to different technological lines. All these leasing products are offered to business segments such as Corporate and SME, whilst private individuals mainly use personal cars.

One of the major achievements consists on the establishment of the company organizational structure including a staff number of 13 professionals being fully engaged in the business by offering the full range of leasing products, other sales and back-office functions as well as development of the array of products and services. An important element of the company’s work, has been the on - going process of proposed development as well as the clearance of the legal and fiscal issues arising from an ambiguous and undeveloped regulatory framework affecting the leasing activity.

Essential factors, like the improvements of the Raiffeisen leasing service quality, flexibility within the risk criteria as well as acceleration on approval process, have efficiently impacted in the rapid increase of this activity.

However, the company has utilized the know how and experience of Raiffeisen Leasing International and network leasing companies operating in the region regarding financial lease products and services, as well as marketing approach. Furthermore, the company has easy access to the extensive network of international vendors of heavy commercial vehicles, machinery and equipment with which Raiffeisen Group has a long-standing relationship, to the benefit of company’s existing and potential clients in realizing their investment plans.

Amongst the most important achievements, has been the establishment of strategic partner relationships with local and international dealers and vendors. Consistent efforts have been made to grow awareness amongst local dealers and vendors on lease financing as well as the understanding of our business terms and conditions. During the year 2007, Raiffeisen Leasing Sh.a. has undertaken an intensive marketing campaign, mainly coordinated with policies and marketing activities of local car dealers as our prior business partners.