Raiffeisen Bank donates 30 000 EUR for the Health Sector


Raiffeisen Bank and Ministry of Health signed the agreement for the donation of 30 thousands EUR for the purchase of the medicaments, mainly citostatics and serums for the Hospital University Center “Mother Theresa” in Tirana.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of health, Mrs.Anila Godo and the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Oliver J. Whittle.

The Minister of Health, Anila Godo has thanked the representatives of Raiffeisen Bank for the assistance in the health sector.

“Raiffeisen bank has donated 30 thousands EUR for purchasing an amount of medicaments, out of which 19 000 EUR are donated for the Hospital University Center for buying antibitoic and citostatics and 11 000 EUR for buying serums.”, said Minister Godo.

”I want to thank you on behalf of the patients, hospital services in the cities and in NUC and on behalf of the staff of the Ministry for the assitance you gave us in a difficult moment for us”, said Minister while thanking the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Whittle.

The CEO of Raiffeisen Bank had a short speech and declared: “We responded to your appeal as we know that a lot of people needed them. We see the service towards the community as part of our responsibilities and obligations”.He assured the Minister that Raiffeisen Bank will be always their partner and will be happy to help the health sector.

""Recently we have visited Durres hospital, where we donated an equipment and I was impressed by the way this hospital was presented and managed and I wish you success in this inititative for including all the hospitals in this project. The succes will depend on the local management, but I think that Durres hospital will be a good example for the others”, added Mr. Whittle.

Minister Godo and CEO of Raiffeisen Bank expressed the readiness for continuing the collaboration in the health sector even in the future.