Raiffeisen Bank signs the co-operation agreement with the Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice FASTIP at “Aleksander Mosiu” University, Durres


Raiffeisen Bank has signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice (FASTIP at “Aleksander Mosiu” University, Durres. According to this agreement Raiffeisen Bank will support financially four students who will attend the bachelor’s study in “Banking Management” in this faculty.

On this occasion, it was organized a ceremony at Raiffeisen Bank premises. The agreement was signed by Mr. Z. Alexander Zsolnai, Deputy CEO and Mr. Vladimir Muka, Dean of Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice (FASTIP at “Aleksander Mosiu” University, Durres. In the ceremony were also present Mr. Mentor Isufaj, chancellor of Faculty, Mrs. Valbona Zeneli, Head of Human Resources Division and Mr. Arben Çela as well as selected students.

It is important emphasize the fact that the studies in this faculty are performed in English language. The professors are foreigners and experts in the respective fields and they are contracted by the Faculty according to the academic program. The methodology followed in this faculty is specific as it is a combination of the educational program performed in this faculty with the practice period performed in the bank in function of the academic model. The combination between the study and practice consists in programming 3 months of study and 3 months of practice, until the end of the study which last three years.

Raiffeisen Bank, also in the framework of corporate social responsibility has become part of this project with the aim to support such positive initiatives in creating a tradition of education in the field of banking business, as well as the increase and improvement of academic and professional level of staff employed by our bank.

Based on the agreement signed, Raiffeisen Bank has the right of employment and keeping in a working relationship the students for a time period of 3-years after graduation. The Human Resources Division has performed a selection process of the applicants after the announcement of the applications campaign in the written media and in the bank’s web site. The selected candidates went through a professional testing and interviews process and at the end were selected four winning applicants, who will begin the studies in this academic year.