Raiffeisen Bank: The highest interest rates in the market for term deposits


  • 3 Months Deposits in Euro up to 5.6%
  • 3 Months Deposits in Lek up to 8.3%
  • 6-months interest rate for the 4 and 5 months deposits


Raiffeisen Bank has launched the newest offer in the market for 3-months term deposits for Private Individuals and Micro-business. Through this increase of interest rates, Raiffeisen Bank offers now the highest interest rates in the market for 3-months Deposits. In addition, Raiffeisen Bank has decided to offer to all its customers who open 4 and 5-months deposits the interest rate they offer for 6-months deposit.

“I have the pleasure to say that as we enter the New Year, we stay closer to our customers by offering not only an excellent and professional service in all our 100 branches, but also better investment opportunities”, said the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Oliver Whittle.

Raiffeisen Bank decided to offer such interest rates for the 3-months deposits, by monitoring the preferences of a considerable number of its customers.

“We will continue to offer competitive interest rates even in the future”, explained Mr. Whittle.

All the customers that will open a term deposit until February 2nd 2009 will benefit from these competitive interest rates. The interest rates that will be applied are up to 5.6% for the Time Deposits in EUR and up to 8.3% for the 3-months Time Deposits in Lek. The customers can keep secure and maximise their savings value only with Raiffeisen Bank!