The President of Republic delivers the national flag to the Albanian National Olympic Team


Raiffeisen Bank was Co-Sponsor General of the Albanian National Olympic Committee in the Olympic Games “Beijing 2008”. The status of Raiffeisen Bank as Co-Sponsor General in this important activity was a honor of the values and the confidence in the contribution that a business can give for supporting the Albanian Elite and not only in Sport. In this framework during 2008, which is called the Olympic year, Raiffeisen Bank was present in all the activities organized by Albanian National Olympic Committee on the occasion of the Olympic Games “Beijing 2008”.

The most important event on this occasion was the delivery of the Albanian National Flag to the Albanian Olympic Team by the President of the Republic, Mr. Bamir Topi. The ceremony was organized at the Palace of Brigades, where participated also the CEO of Raiffeisen Bank, Mr. Oliver J. Whittle. “Raiffeisen Bank is pleased to be Co-Sponsor General of Albanian National Olympic Committee in “Beijing 2008”. As we are really close to the start of this activity, which is of a global importance, I would like to wish success to the Albanian Olympic Team. The Albanian Sport as an important part of the education of the new generation, will continue to be in the focus of Raiffeisen Bank in the future”, said Mr. Whittle in his speech.

Raiffeisen Bank’s Albania staff goes to Beijing 2008 as part of the Albanian Olympic Team. His name is Taulant Stermasi and he is the personal trainer of the athlete Klodiana Shala. Under his training, Klodiana has participated in the Olympic Games of Sidney 2000, Athens 2004, etc. The Albanian Olympic Team consisted in 11 athletes accompanied also by their personal trainers, who performed in different fields of sport like: athletics, weight lifting, swimming, shooting, etc.