Cash deposits at the Albanian Post

Cash deposits at the Albanian Post

Raiffeisen Bank and Albanian Post Office cooperate to increase services to the customers of Individual Bank and Small Business.

Each individual Bank or Small Business customer can make Cash Deposits on his or her accounts or other customers at 30 Albanian Post Offices


The features of the new Cash Deposit Service are:

  • Deposits in your personal or business account in LEK and EURO.
  • Deposits in the accounts of other customers of the bank, individual or small businesses
  • The client who should be a bank customer to receive this service from the post office.
  •  Accounts with the Bank will be credited in real time during the Cash deposit process by Post Offices
  • The maximum amount allowed to deposit is 999,999 Lekë for transaction or the equivalent of this amount in EUR


List of offices of the Albanian Post where the cash deposit service is offered.

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