Credit Card

New Credit Card from Raiffiesen Bank

Fast loan in your pocket!

Partial monthly payment and monthly instalment to use for shopping services and payments.

Buy now, pay later with monthly instalment!

Get a credit limit provided by the Bank at your disposal at any moment. Use your limit to meet your needs and desires with 0% interest.

Instalment payments are offer with monthly plans of 3,6,12,18 and 24 months

You can have up to 5 parallel instalment plans within the approved limit


Spend paying any product or service that you want, through a credit line, all on an Instalment Credit Card.

With the credit card you can use the money of the Bank for a period of up to 45 days without paying any interest.

Every month you can pay the monthly installment together with the minimum payment* of monthly due amount.

For the remain amount it is applied attractive standard interest

You will be notified by SMS for the international & online transactions performed with a Credit Card and for the monthly statement also.

Now you can be notified even through the social media messaging channels as Viber & Telegram.

*the minimum payment is calculated as sum of 5% for POS transactions & ATM withdraw amount, plus 5% of the monthly instalment, plus the total amount of commissions and interests applied during the month.

POS Network

With the credit MasterCard from Raiffeisen Bank you can make payments at all POS inside and outside the country with 0 commission.

By making purchases in the POS network from Raiffeisen Bank you can choose installment payment with 0% interest.

Below are the merchants that enable you to take advantage of our card:   

Want to be part of a network of merchants equipped with Raiffeisen POS to offer customers the much-needed installment payments?

Contact us at: [email protected]


Card that meets your needs!

  • Flexibility in repayment mode (minimum payments or monthly instalments)
  • Monthly instalment plans with 0% interest
  • Opportunity to get the card in ALL and EUR currency
  • Contatless payment with no PIN required for amount up to 4,500 LEK
  • Supplementary Credit Card up to 3 authorized persons
  • 0 commission on all in POS and internet for domestic purchases
  • Maximum security internet payment with SecureCode (OTP – different password for each transaction)
  • Performing payment for goods and services anywhere in the world, at any POS trading unit that displays the MasterCard logo
  • ATM withdrawals at any ATM that displays the MasterCard logo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or at the counters of banks that accept these cards
  • Summary bill for all the actions that you perform at the beginning of the following month

Get a Credit Card

Your credit card comes in a short period of time!

To have a credit card:

  • Come in to any Raiffeisen Bank branch
  • Simple application
  • You must have an identity document and proof of income*

*The Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation on case basis.


In case of loss or theft of your credit card, please call the customer service number: (04) 2 227 262/0800 777

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