Credit Card

One card for all your needs!

Some extra credit sometimes can solve a lot! Easy your everyday life with the Mastercard credit card from Raiffeisen Bank. Pay with confidence at the store or online and enjoy it to the fullest. The perk with Credit cards extends to the bonus schemes and cashback offers which you can profit from its usage throughout the year.


Contactless payment up to 4,500 Lekë 


 Flexibility in monthly installments


 0 commission for all POS & online payments  



 Both ALL & EUR


 Supplementary Card (no commision for the first year) up to 3 authorized persons




  Monthly instalment plans of 3,6,12,18 and 24 months, with 0% interest  

  Credit limit provided by the Bank at your disposal at any moment 

  Earn rewards with  cashback offers



  • You must have an ID document and proof of income*

*The Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation on a case basis.


Smart Pay 

Get now our amazing Payband & Sticker and shop without a wallet 




The full list of merchants from which you get advanatge can be found here.

 Added functionality " Pos Purchase with Cashback "

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