VISA Contactless

Introducing the newest Debit Card from Raiffeisen Bank

Everyday easier, choose the Debit Card

Debit Card commodity, now contactless

  • Contactless payments without PIN (up to 4,500 ALL) allow you to pay in a fast and convenient way for small value purchases in Albania and abroad.
  • Offered for current account in ALL
  • New and contemporary designs, embossed card, extended validity to 4 years, and acceptance worldwide (check for VISA logo at Points of Sale and ATMs), this is the loyal tool you have waited for.

The new card offers the following functionalities:

  • ATM Cash withdrawal in Albania & abroad
  • POS payments in Albania & abroad (contactless & contact)
  • ATM Cash-In deposit
  • PIN Change in ATM without commission
  • Secure card with the most advanced technology Chip & PIN and 3D Secure Internet payments.


  • No COMMISSION for renewal Card
  • No COMMISSION for Cash withdrawals at ATMs of Raiffeisen Bank
  • No COMMISSION for purchases in POS within Albanian territory

Debit Card Application

  • The application is simple and fast
  • You need just an ID and a Current Account in ALL at Raiffeisen Bank
  • We will notify you by SMS as soon as your card is ready

Contact us on telephone service 24/7, to get more information +355 4 2 381 381

We invite you to apply for this attractive new card at your nearest branch!

VISA Electron

Visa Electron Debit Card of Raiffeisen Bank enables you to use your money at any time. You can withdraw money at ATM and perform payments at sales unit POS (Point of Sale).

Card accepted everywhere!

  • 24/7 use in all ATMs and POS that accept VISA Electron
  • Over 1 million ATM & POS 1.2 million worldwide receive your card
  • About 185 ATMs and 1,200 POS of Raiffeisen Bank in the entire Country

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