Accessing banking services from anywhere? Yes, it is possible and so easy with our Digital Banking Platform RON. The most downloaded financial app in Albania brings you the bank in your pocket with the highest number of attractive functionalities for an easier life and managing of your finances.


 Most download financial application

 Overview of accounts and account transactions

 Debit and credit card management

 Secured access through a desktop, mobile, and tablet


What I can do with RON?

 Utility bills payment online

 Check loan balance

 Instant application for a personal loan or card

 Preferential interest rate







How can I send money?


Did you know that with KUIK on Raiffeisen On you can send money to your beloved easily and very fast only with their mobile number?





How can I use RON for my business?


In case you are a small-medium business owner, you can easily use RON for your business purposes as below:


360 Product View



 Trade Finance



 ALL types of transactions

 Company transaction

 Company transaction

 Utility bills payment online


Singing Schema

 Single & Joint users



 Trade Finance


Do I need to pay for Raiffeisen ON? 


The most important thing is that you don’t need to pay any additional fee for using Raiffeisen On

0 commission -No application/monthly fee for using the service. Extra comfort – fulfill any of your banking needs from the commodity of your home/office. 24/7 - Check the balance of your accounts and transactions in real-time, 24 hours in 7 days of the week.

What do you need to get Raiffeisen On? It’s simple. You need to have an account in Raiffeisen Bank and have registered and updated in the Bank system the below personal details: Personal number of the ID card, and Mobile number.


Is my data secure in RON?

We have taken care to offer the highest security elements in the national and international market for the Raiffeisen ON platform. 

To know all the specifics of security and some safety tips that you will need when using Raiffeisen ON please Click Here


If you want to view our FAQ please click here!


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