Debit card application

Apply through the Raiffesien ON application. Apply now for Debit Card without visiting our bank branches!

Enter the application, click "Debit Card Application" option, fill in the details and the application was successfully completed.

Make every day easier, choose the debit card. You just need a current account in Leke or Eur at Raiffeisen Bank. We will notify you with an SMS as soon as your card is ready.

The advantages of this card are:

Contactless payments wherever is possible. POS Payments within Albania with NO Commission. Cash Withdrawal and Cash IN at Raiffeisen Bank ATMs with NO Commission.

PIN Change at ATM with NO Commission. The Debit Card from Raiffeisen Bank is safe to use due to CHIP & PIN technology and 3DS secure service for online payments.



KUIK in RON - P2P Payment by phone number within the Raiffeisen ON application

The easiest way to transfer money already and inside the Raiffeisen ON application.

Click KUIK on Raiffeisen ON. You can now SEND and receive it immediately. Send it to everyone on your Contact List that uses KUIK
Step 1. Set the Amount
Step 2. Select the beneficiary from the contact list
Step 3. Send


Your feedback

If you are a user of the Raiffeisen ON digital platfrom, please take a moment to tell us about your experience by clicking here:

Raiffeisen ON

Your benefits

Zero commission

No application/monthly fee for using the service.

Extra comfort

There is not neccessary to go in a Bank or utility company agency. You can fulfill any of your banking needs through your personal computer, tablet or mobile device.


Check the balance of your accounts and transactions in real time, 24 hours in 7 days of the week.

Faster than fast. Now!

With the new Raiffeisen ON mobile app, just save the details of a previous payment and you can send money to saved templates in just 3 easy steps: 1. Open the payment template -> 2. Input PIN number -> 3. Send money!

Super secure

The latest technology applied through all the platform, so you can fell safe and secure for all the performed transactions.


  • Mobile sign up. (Android/IOS)

You have the possibility to Register and Activate the Mobile application online in 2 simple steps by clicking “Register” on the Raiffeisen ON App. You can create you credentials Username-Password or skip this step and create your own PIN to access our Digital platform.


  • Investment Funds

Through "Investment" functionality, you have the opportunity to view and monitor your Investment Performance. For your Pension Fund or Investment Fund (Prestige Fund, Invest Euro & Vision) you have invested in, you will be able to view balance, number of quotas and the return from investment. This functionality will also provide all transactions you have performed in your Investment fund.


  • Pay Card (Minimum balance & Total obligation )

From this moment you have 2 option to select for Card payment: Minimum payment amount and Total obligation at the moment of the payment.


  • Electronic Recharge - Mobile Top UP

Recharge your mobile number by selecting the desired amount and operator through Top UP functionality in Raiffeisen ON.


  • Utility Subscription

Register your utility bills and pay them only in one click. Unpaid invoices will be shown immediately after registering the subscriber number (OSHEE, CAR Penalty, Albtelecom, Digitalb, UKT)


  • Message with Bank

Send and receive messages from and to the Bank. A new communication opportunity in Raiffeisen ON



  • Self Service Terminal 24/7, Raiffeisen Bank. 

    Raiffeisen Bank Self Service Terminal is an innovative service offered by Raiffeisen Bank Albania.

    It enables you to access your accounts and to perform several banking transactions.


  • Now through the new feature “Salaries” of Raiffeisen ON, business clients can pay their employees:

  1. Salaries
  2. Bonuses and other benefits
  3. Rent and other obligations
  4. Scholarships
  5. Maternity leaves and sick leaves

>> Find out more

  • Upgrade into full rights with a debit card transaction from web for individual users. (no extra costs for user)



Inspired by you

We provide the latest technology, simple and secure, with seamless look & feel across all channels, that you can use through any personal computer, tablet or mobile device 24/7.

The digital platform Raiffeisen ON allows you to:

  • register online
  • create personally your credentials
  • check your accounts, savings and loans in real time
  • transfer funds within your own accounts
  • use the list of your beneficiaries
  • send money within and outside the country
  • pay easily the utility bills
  • increase the available balance or pay the credit card obligation with one click
  • login to the mobile application with just a PIN

 …with NO commission.

In order to register in the new platform Raiffeisen ON, you should have registered and updated in the Bank system the below personal details:

  • Personal number of the ID card, and
  • Mobile number

Self-service Terminal 24/7

Raiffeisen Bank Self Service Terminal enables you:

  • Access and control all your account.
  • Perform utility payments, Card payments, transfer within your own account.
  • Send money to each account within Raiffeisen bank Albania or in each account in other banks within Albania.


Access it with your card issued by Raiffeisen Bank, Master Card or VISA electron.

  • You can control your account balance, cards (debit/credit) balances.
  • You can control your account and cards transaction history.
  • Credit cards statement and account statement.


Pay Bills

Utility bills toward utility companies predefined by bank.

  • Electric energy bills
  • Water supply bills
  • Car penalty's
  • Monthly bill for mobile companies


Send Money

Send money, money transfer in an easier way.

  • Credit Card payment
  • Transfer money between your own accounts
  • Send money to any account within Raiffeisen Bank
  • Send money to any bank account within Albania


Print account statements or debit advice

  • Select a required period to view or print account statement
  • Debit advice print, after payment is performed
  • View or print Credit card statements


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